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2 Tapestries, embroideries and carpets

Advice for cleaning tapestries:

  • Buy Oil F which you can find in chemists and supermarkets
  • Make a tampon with some white cotton fabric
  • Dab it in Oil F
  • Clean in small circles from one edge to another
  • When your tampon gets dirty, put it in a basin. The dust will fall to the bottom and it is possible to re-use the tampon.
  • When finished, it is possible to filter the Oil so that it can be re-used.

Warning! Never use this oil near to a heat source and, needless to say, never smoke.

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3 Carpet Restoration

Before cleaning analyse the properties of the fibres and dyes
Soaking and pre-washing
Wash with synteronic soap
Rinse four times
Dry flat at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius

Cleaning enables rehydration of fibres.

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